Vikima Multiplication is specialised in contract production of a great number of species of vegetable and flower seeds.

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Your future Harvest

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in the vegetable industry. Compared to our selected seed growers and competent employees, we ensure Your Future Harvest.


Professional growers


Departments in USA, UK and DK


Specially selected seeds


Years in agricultural seed growing

Our areas of expertise


The key words for a successful seed production are the right locations combined with professional growers supervised by a competent team at all levels in the production from sowing to harvest followed by top professional cleaning and handling.


To insure the high quality seed that our customers request, we work together with professionel growers. The growers are located in areas where climate and soil are ideal for production of vegetable seeds.

Vikima sale

Vikima Sale produces, sells, and markets more than 150 selected standard vegetable seed qualities for distributors on the international markets. Vikima Sale is one of the few seed companies which still maintain a large range of open pollinated varieties and sold to more than 70 countries all over the world.

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Vikima Denmark

Vikima Seed A/S
Industriparken 9
DK – 4960 Holeby

Tel: +45 5460 7010
Fax: +45 5460 7021


Vikima France

Vikima France S.A.S.
853 Route d´Aucamville
FR – 82170 Grisolles

Tel: +33 563 277 476
Fax: +33 563 277 477


Vikima USA

Vikima USA, Inc.
11488 Higgins Airport Way
Burlington, WA. 98233-5314, USA

Phone: +1 360-757-2154
Fax: +1 360 757 7829


Company profile

Vikima Seed, based in Denmark, is the leading producer of vegetable seeds in Europe and USA.

In collaboration with our selected seed growers and competent employees, we ensure Your Future Harvest. Our vision is to be the favourite collaborator for leading international vegetable seed companies.

We produce vegetable seeds of the highest possible physical and genetic quality to fulfil the demands of the customers’ worldwide.

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History of Vikima

“There was a time, long long ago” – This is the beginning of many adventures, such an adventure tempted to tell when describing Vikima Seed`s history.

A Wednesday afternoon in May, back in 1983 was the day when Vikima Seed was established in a office in Holbaek in Denmark. It was Manfred Johannsen on the basis of the seed company Ohlsens Enke, had decided to start up for himself. It did not take long before Palle Sørensen and Jens Davidsen who were former colleagues in Ohlsen Enke became a part of the newly established seed company Vikima Seed.

The success was inevitable and in the early 1990s a new building was almost build each year, when Vikima Seed later became ISO certified, we established our own laboratory, all this because they knew the importance of being able to provide seeds of the world’s highest quality.

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Our facilities

To provide the world’s highest quality of vegtabelseed, Vikima Seed has over the years invested in a wide range of cleaningfacilities that can help us to meet our custormers demand, when we talk about purity of 99.9%, germination ect.

Job in Vikima

Our business is committed to making our employees achieve their potential and we continuisly search for new, skille employees to join us. Browse current vacancies at Vikima and apply online today.

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