Growers – Denmark

Denmark – Center of production of vegetable seeds.

Growers – Denmark

To be grower of vegetable seeds, is it important throughout season requirements the right amount of diligence. In the cultivation of vegetable seeds the punctuality is very important, that means it is not always the earliest established crop, that are providing the best yield, but on the contrary is the patience to wait for the right soil temperature.

In relation to weeds, fungicides, etc. through the growing season, you have to be prepared that there is often talk about crops that require high in-put, where the damage is often low, before being treated.

“By growing vegetable seeds we always focus on a pure product and not least a high germination.”

The key to a perfect germination

To ensure that germination is perfect, the grower must have a good dryer, so there can always be blown air through the lot the same day as the harvest is complete. Suitable dryers are often horizontal drying systems, but also drying in containers, boxes or directly in dry wagon is often used for small productions of vegetable seeds.