Growers – Denmark

Denmark – Center for production of vegetable seeds.

Growers – Denmark

To become a grower of vegetable seeds, it is important to be dedicated, punctual and show diligence throughout the growing season. For some crops early sowing is not the most important, but showing the patience to achieve the right soil temperature which provides the best emergence and yield.

In relation to controlling weeds, funguses, etc. you need to be prepared of the fact that many of these crops are “high in-put” crops. Very often it is necessary to be prepared for treatment of the crops, just as soon as any problem may occur.

“Growing vegetable seeds, we always focus on high purity and especially high germination”

The key to a perfect germination

To ensure germination is perfect, our growers must have access to drying plants. It is crucial, that drying with cool air starts immediately after harvest and that it is possible to keep drying with warm air after 2-4 days.

Drying systems are often horizontal plants, but drying can also take place in containers, boxes or even directly in special drying-wagons often used in production of smaller seed-lots of vegetable seeds.