Growers – France

To be a vegetable seed grower is a state of mind oriented to excellence.

“Acting at the right time in any step is a key to success.”

Vegetable seed grower

Punctuality and diligence are required throughout the entire production season, from sowing to harvest. Acting at the right time in any step is a key to success : sowing in time and good conditions allowing optimal growth, tight control for efficient weeding and keeping healthy crop, special attention to harvest stage, efficient drying process and good preservation are all guarantees to successful crop.

A vegetable seed grower understands the inputs that are required to produce a good crop, as well as during growing period than after harvest for drying and seeds preservation. Return on investment is a key argument often used by good seed growers. On the other hand, easy to build equipment can give very good results when it is well concepted.

Needed grower’s reactivity means having proper machinery to plant, cultivate, spray, harvest, transport, and in some situations dry the crop to a storable moisture percentage.