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Did you know…. France is known world wide as major agricultural country.

Vegetable seed production in France

France is known world wide as major agricultural country. The acreage of vegetable seed production exceed yearly 10.000 ha

There are three major areas for vegetable seed production in France.

Beauce in the centre between 47 ° and 48° N latitude offers large scale farming well equipped for bulk crops

Loire Valley, which is the traditional production area with a very long history in seed production. Farm structure allows smaller acreages and more specialized crops.

The area also have a high concentration of tunnel production.

South West France, with the production concentrated in the provinces Aude and Gers, has a unique Mediterranean climate and a farm structure for intensive production of labour intensive crops like Hybrid Cabbage, Hybrid Onion, Hybrid Carrot and Hybrid Radish. Our production agronomists have a long background in seed production in France.

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