Our history

“There was a time, long long ago” – This is the beginning of many adventures, such an adventure tempted to tell when describing Vikima Seed`s history.

About Vikima Seed

A Wednesday afternoon in May, back in 1983 was the day when Vikima Seed was established in a office in Holbaek in Denmark. It was Manfred Johannsen on the basis of the seed company Ohlsens Enke, had decided to start up for himself. It did not take long before Palle Sørensen and Jens Davidsen who were former colleagues in Ohlsen Enke became a part of the newly established seed company Vikima Seed.

All three were in possession of various skills which gave the right synergy that could develop the newly established seed company. With higher demands from customers Vikima had to settle with some of the world’s most advanced cleaning facilities and when the opportunity came across just outside Holeby on Lolland it became a reality, so in 1990 Vikima Seed had a new base in Holeby.

ISO certified

The success was inevitable and in the early 1990s a new building was almost build each year, when Vikima Seed later became ISO certified, we established our own laboratory, all this because they knew the importance of being able to provide seeds of the world’s highest quality.

Vikima Seed has always had ambitions and establish therefore a branch in the South-West of France near Toulouse, which has a long tradition in vegetable seed, the decision on this was taken as an increasing demand for various crops, so there is a ability to comply with customers’ wishes, by creating this new department.

Similarly a department was started up in Washington state near Burlington, the area is known for its production of vegetable seeds, it is especially crops like hybrid radish and hybrid cabbage thats focused on.